Tender Law Consultancy Service

Tender Law Consultancy Service

Solution and Suggestions for Your Tender Problems / Special Support Line for Detection of Deficiencies in Your Application Petitions

Tender Objections Addendum

Administrative appeals

KIK objected complaint

Cancellation of Tender Cancellation

Excessively Low Objections

Violation of Professional Ethics

Tender Joint Ventures etc.

Judicial / Administrative Applications Applications Against Rejection Decisions of KIK

Lifting Tender Restrictions

Refund of disputed complaint fees

Tenders Contract Problems

work programs

price differences

late payment penalties

new unit prices

contract amendments

provisional and final acceptances

delays in site delivery

extension of the duration of the work

provisional and final progress payments

all risk insurance policies

work increases and work decreases

performance bond and additional performance bonds

implementation of revised unit prices

technical personnel matters of the contractor

deductions to be made in progress payments

tender contract termination and liquidation procedures

transfer of the contract within the framework of Law No. 4735

Judicial Appeals

  • Tender Termination Litigation
  • Detection Litigation Processes
  • Contractor’s Grounds for Contract Termination
  • Filing a Lawsuit Against Termination of Contract by the Administration
  • Applications for Stay of Execution of Collateral before Termination
  • Damages incurred by the Contractor in case of Tender Termination
  • Re-tendering of the Administration Collection of Public Loss